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BBC Young Reporter Article Generator

A tool to create markdown files from news articles and their metadata for uploading to the Reading School BBC Young Reporter website.

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Black Thunder

Reading School's robotics team, which also runs the school's Robotics Club.

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Where I post updates about projects I'm doing.

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Computer Science

Some helpful tips for studying Computer Science.

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An Instagram account for my dogs.

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Appreciate my work or want to help out?

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Luhn Algorithm

A number validator with the Luhn algorithm.

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Photography Feed

A place for me to post my snaps.

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Reading School BBC Young Reporter

A site for Reading School's year 8 students to post news articles they have written.

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Site Theme

A list of all templated elements available in this site's theme.

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"An innovative, water-saving solution for the home." A small STEM project based around using Raspberry Pis to track and reduce household water usage.

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