Welcome to my projects portfolio... A record of what I have worked on over the last few years, hopefully giving you an insight into the kind of work I enjoy pursuing.


I have just begun working on the BRECcIA research project, updating and finalising the Mapper Tool that has been produced, along with implementing a data respository to store the data collected by the project. More details will be available within the next few months.


A full-stack project, creating a vocabulary-learning platform for language students.

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A project that began in April 2021, this has been used by several hundred students to assist with language-learning for both GCSEs and A Levels. It was built from the ground up, targeted predominantly at a Berkshire-based secondary school, and is now freely available to anyone on the web. Unlike platforms like Quizlet, Parandum has no usage limits or advertising - and is fully open-source. This makes it transparent, easy to use, and non-intrusive. This is especially important given the target user demographic.

Parandum is accessible at, and its code is available on GitHub.

I also used this project for my A Level Computer Science Non-Examined Assessment (NEA), as it was a project I had already partially completed at the time. The documentation that was submitted as part of this project, detailing integral functionality and design decisions, is below. Note that there have since been revisions to the software - listed in the changelog on Parandum's homepage and in the Git commit history.

Swifts Junior Badminton Club

Freelance web development, redesigning their website and digitising data processing methods.


The website I produced was just a small part of the work I have done for this charity, which also included building numerous backend systems for simpler data processing and management through a central CRM. As part of my ongoing role in this organisation, I also ensure IT systems and practices are compliant with data protection law and am the point of contact for all technical assistance.

Secondary School Projects

A few projects I completed in my spare time...

Black Thunder

I ran Reading School's Robotics Club for several years, and led us to compete on the international stage in 2020's FIRST LEGO League. I developed a programme of teaching that engaged 120 students three times per week after school, developing their STEAM skills and allowing them to both discover and subsequently pursue their passions. It was immensely rewarding seeing how students progressed through our programme, and I have provided guidance to PCGE students and staff in other schools on how they may be able to develop a similar scheme.

An archived blog of our projects can be seen here.

BBC Young Reporter

I developed and maintain Reading School's BBC Young Reporter website, on which Year 8 students can post news articles that they have written as part of this scheme. I also provided an automated tool to generate the markdown files required to upload articles to the website.

Reading School Alumni Society

In a very short timeframe, I completely restructured and redesigned Reading School's Alumni Society website, with a strict brief and working within the constraints of the third party platform being used. This also involved the production of reports regarding the functionality of and changes made to this site.


An innovative water-saving solution for the home.

This was a joint project with two fellow Computer Science students in 2018/19 for the Teen Tech competition. It is a small STEM project that uses Raspberry Pis to track and reduce household water usage, by installing flow metres at water outlets that sync with a central hub and online dashboard. While fairly bare-bones, this project proved useful in teaching me how to integrate hardware and software systems.

GCSE/A Level Computer Science

I have compiled some helpful tips for studying the subject - please see here.