Black Thunder Updates & My Recent Trips

· 1 min read

It's been a while since I lasted posted, but have been rather busy. I travelled to Mojácar, South East Spain and Bekonscot Model Village & Railway, where I have taken lots of photos - which will be appearing on my Instagram account soon. The model railway at Bekonscot was truly amazing; I spent many hours there and would thoroughly recommend it. Spain was also brilliant, but very hot and barren.

Recently, I have also shaken up the design from Black Thunder's (notice the name change from Black Thunder FLL) website, along with rebranding everything to Black Thunder. This meant changing our web & email addresses and social media handle to and rs_blackthunder.

I originally planned to create two main pages for our website: one for Pi Wars (another robotics competition that we plan to compete in this year) and one for the FLL. However, on contemplation, I thought that it would be better to have one main page - like before - explaining who we are and what we do, and then link to searches on our blog for the FLL and Pi Wars instead of having separate pages. Therefore we now have a brand new navigation bar, placed just below the Black Thunder nameplate at the top of each page, providing links to the main page, our blog homepage & searches on the blog for 'FLL' and 'Pi Wars' (to show only the posts related to each topic). I have also added these two links to the blog's navbar. I have utilised this project on CodePen for the navbar's styling, introducing a beautiful (in my opinion) underline animation when the user hovers over each link.

I have also changed the styling for all links in the main content of each page (on both the main website & blog) using this CodePen, which adds an underline animation when each link is hovered over: every time the user hovers over a link, a coloured background animated upwards from the original underlining of the link. It removes the default link underline completely, and adds its own via a background, which it then expands.

Another minor change is the attribution at the bottom of each page on the main website, which now states that the website is made by me.

Please check out my GitHub, @mgrove36, and GitLab, @mgrove36.