Custom ROM & Current Projects

· 1 min read

I finally have a custom ROM! My Moto G5S Plus is now running LineageOS 16 - far better than Android Nougat (v7.1.1) which was provided by Motorola. I have been very disappointed by their update speed since they were taken over by Motorola; on the contrary, I love the new navigation layout in Android P!

Recently I have started a few projects as well:

  • AquaPi ( - an innovative water-saving solution for the smart home, involving Raspberry Pis connected to flow maters at all water points around the home, which send their data to one main RPi - the hub - which in turn broadcasts a localhost website. We also aim to integrate this with the new Google Home app
  • The FLL (in Black Thunder - - Reading School's FIRST LEGO League team has begun preparation for this year's competition. See our blog for more info.
  • An RC car with VR capabilities built-in, with a range of around 150m. Stay tuned for a link to our blog and more details.

Keep up-to-date with the linked websites for more information.

I have started learning Java; this should be done within the next month or so.

Please check out my GitHub, @mgrove36, and GitLab, @mgrove36.