Domain names

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Wow. The Territory is such an amazing book. I definitely recommend it.

Back on topic: recently I've acquired some domain names - for free! I've been using Freenom to get free .tk, .ml, .ga, .gq and .cf domain names; I think this service is great, as you have full access to the DNS (unlike with FreeDNS). Thus, I am now hosting my blog at (the website you're most probably on now); I plan to get custom email addresses, through Zoho Mail.

I have found Zoho Mail to be the only free email hosting service I could find that supports custom domains. However, I have run into a rather sizeable problem. They block .gq domains. This means that the domain name I was going to use is now redundant. Yay. I am yet to find an alternative, as it seems all of the free domain names are blocked on Zoho (although they still haven't confirmed this) - so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also this week, I have been experimenting with GitLab. To me, it just seems like GitHub - except with an online IDE and a more complicated version of GitHub Pages ('GitLab Pages'). I am now working on a project called AquaPi, with Rohan Chikkam and another school colleague. For this, we are using GitLab and its GitLab Pages service (for our website), in conjunction with our new domain - I have tried to implement this as the main domain for our GitLab Pages website; it took a few hours, but eventually, I got the apex and subdomains working. The apex domain currently redirects to our blog, Please do check out our blog; we will be updating it with our progress.

Please check out my GitHub, @mgrove36.